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Welcome to the future of Warehouse Management

What if your warehouse could offer a brand new range of services ?

The Next Generation of Warehouse Management Systems

Our clients have not just chosen a warehouse management system. They have chosen to grow their operations and relations with their partners. Wirehub empowers its clients with a the new generation of logistics services

users ecosystem

Revolutionary User Interface

Wiredhub is built around the user. Establishing a minimum learning curve combined with optimized workflows that result in reduced stress, human errors and increased in productivity.


End to End Tracking & Analytics

Wiredhub monitors and assists in all stages of the workflow, from when the orders arrive to the warehouse all the way through to the proof of delivery.

smart cloud

Smart Cloud Platform

Wiredhub is a cloud-based platform. This enables high performance with zero maintenance and an endless evolution of its services

New services for your warehouse, suppliers and clients

ai document parsing

AI Document Parsing

The logistics sector is still highly dependent on paper. We are aware of this and as a solution we offer digitization of documents using a state of the art AI technology

warehouse barcode & beacon technology

Warehouse Digitization

In addition to a barcode based warehouse locations system, Wiredhub integrates with beacon technology further improving warehouse operation times

orders visibility & live tracking

Client Transparency

Wiredhub offers a wide range of features to let your clients monitor their stock at any given moment. Allow your clients to monitor the current status of their orders and live track their deliveries

rent warehouse space

On-Demand Warehousing

Wiredhub tracks your warehouse capacity. Our on-demand warehousing service allows you to monetize unused space and for the months you may be operating overcapacity you can acquire additional space without long-term commitments.

wms api


Wiredhub enables easy integration. Seamlessly connect our software to e-commerce, invoice, live tracking and additional client software

Every Revolution Begins with One Step